What is PyroPets?

PyroPets (PYRO) is an extensible, deflationary and completely open-source permanent MRC721 NFT collectable game deployed on the MetrixCoin blockchain.

Extensible, because due to the nature of MRC721 tokens and smart contracts in general, developers may extend PyroPets in a permissionless way. Embers (MBRS) the native MRC20 token to PyroPets, may also be used in other projects if developers wish.

Deflationary, because 100% of PYRO generation fees (Gen0 and stoking) is burned. MBRS in addition to being created by playing with a Pyro, may also be created in a ratio of 1 MBRS : 1000 MRX and are burned in order to perform customizations or feed your Pyro.

Open source is straight forward, on or before the release date for MainNet the entirety of the project will be released to the public, free of charge.

What can you do with a Pyro?

The core version of PyroPets allows for generating, customizing, stoking(breeding), playing with, feeding and auctioning Pyros.

Playing with Pyros generates Embers (MBRS), the native MRC20 token used to pay for customizations provided by the core contracts.

Pyros can be burned in order to gather Embers from unwanted Pyros.

There are planned extenstions for PyroPets that will increase the functionality of the PyroPets tokens, and since PyroPets is open-source and extensible, any developer can choose to extend and use Pyros or Embers in their project.

How many different Pyros are there?

There are 32 sets of eyes and 32 snouts. This means there are 1,024 different combinations for Gen 0 Pyros. Since there can only ever be 16,384 Gen 0 Pyros, this means if all traits are equally distributed each Gen 0 Pyro would be 1 of 16, but due to the fact that this distribution may not be equal, certain traits may be more or less rare than others.

Pyro offspring get their traits from their donors. This means that there can be multiple Pyros that look the same, but have different ID and parents.

Pyro colors can be customized using MBRS.

Pyro names can be customized using MBRS.

How many Pyros exist?

There is no limit on the amount of PyroPets that can exist, however there is a hard limit of 16,384 Generation 0 Pyros.

How do you get a Pyro?

You can bid on auctioned Pyros using the built in auctions, or any other DEX which supports MRC721 assets.

You can generate a Generation 0 pyro through the web dapp, or through interacting with the contract directly.

In order to generate a Generation 0 Pyro a fee of 100,000 MRX must be paid to the core contract which is then burned.

What is stoking?

New Pyros can also be created by stoking through a process known as "pyrogenesis".

Pyrogenesis occurs when two Pyros "stoke"(breed).

In order to stoke a dynamic fee of MRX based on donor Generation must be paid to the core contract which is then burned.

How do I customize a Pyro?

A Pyro's name and color may be customized by it's owner or an approved account through a contract interaction which burns 100 MBRS.

How do I level up a Pyro?

A Pyro can be permanently leveled up by it's owner or an approved account through feeding it MBRS, which will increase the MBRS value of the burned Pyro.

How do you stoke Pyros?

Pyros must meet a few requirements to be ready to stoke.

Hunger full - Pyros must have full hunger of 255 in order to stoke.

Cooldown complete - Pyros have a cooldown based on the Pyro's generation which must complete before it may stoke again.

Stoking Fee - A fee paid in MRX which is burned which is based on the highest of the donor's generations must be paid in order to stoke.

Family - All Gen0 Pyros may stoke with Gen0 Pyros, however outside of that parents may not stoke with their children and siblings and/or half siblings may not stoke.

What are Embers?

Embers (MBRS) are a burnable MRC20 token that are used for customization of PyroPets (PYRO).

Where can I hold my MBRS tokens?

MBRS can be held and/or used in any wallet or system that supports MRC20 tokens.

How can I generate MBRS tokens?

MBRS can be generated by playing with Pyros which reduces the Pyro's hunger level.

MBRS can be generated by burning Pyros which destroys them forever.

MBRS can be generated by burning MRX at a rate of 1000 MRX per 1 MBRS.